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World premier!

DennisPosted by Twins Crew Sat, June 11, 2011 19:59:55

Welcome to the Twins Crew blog. This is a place were we can share stories, pictures and inside information off everything that concern Twins Crew.
As many of you probably know, we had the world premiere of our new album Judgement Night at Epic Rock Radio yesterday. It was really cool to hear our music played on a online radio channel. One of the listeners also won a copy of the album. We want to Thanks Epic Rock Radio for playing the whole album. You guys rocks!

Hammar, uno, David and I was at Radio Haninge today. It's a local FM radio station where we live. We promoted Judgement Night and our release party next week. It's fun to promote the new album and so far we only received good critique.

So our new album will be released Friday next week. It will be available on our website first and CDbaby, amazone, Spotify, Itunes etc short after. We will launch a new website next week as well. The focus now will be on getting gigs and to promote the new release. We're definitely play a lot of gigs here and Sweden but we'll also try to play in the rest of Europe as well. Mean while, we'll rehears the new material and start working on another Epic Heavy Metal album.
/ Dennis